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What Are Cosmetic Fillings and composite bonding?

Unlike silver fillings, white filling materials stick to the tooth surface. This means that less tooth is drilled away.

Once the cavity or surface has been cleaned out and conditioned, a filling material is matched to the colour of your tooth and then placed. It is set (hardened) with a specially designed bright light.

At the final stage, the filling is trimmed and polished so it fits in more naturally with the contours of the rest of your tooth.

Benefits of White fillings

  • They are white! This sounds very basic but there is no way anyone will notice them once within your mouth, making them suitable for any tooth
  • Only a small amount of your healthy tooth is removed before a composite filling is applied
  • You can use your fillings immediately after they have been placed in your tooth
  • They can be bonded, or joined, to your tooth very effectively and once they are the tooth is often stronger than it was before

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Can I replace my existing amalgam fillings with composite fillings?
Yes, though we generally recommend that fillings of any kind be replaced only when this is clinically necessary: for example, where decay occurs beneath or around an existing filling or a filling breaks. Sometimes, when the existing fillings are very large, a composite filling may not be an option – a porcelain inlay may be required.
How long do composite fillings last for?
Composite fills as with all dental work will have normal wear and tear but should give you years of good service ,good oral hygiene and maintenance will give them an even longer lifespan.
Why should I consider composite fillings?
Many patients prefer tooth coloured fillings because they look natural and other people can’t see them when you laugh or smile. Composite fillings are often called “white fillings” but we actually use a wide range of different shades to exactly match the natural colour of your teeth.